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New Books in Literature Section

March 5, 2008 by

Do We Want Free Enterprise by V. Orval Watts is an exciting challenge issued to business in 1944. He points out that business is not necessarily a friend of free enterprise. True free markets would mean an end to cartelizating regulations, tariffs, business subsidies, and every form of privilege that business has learned to love throughout the New Deal period. In some ways, he writes, free enterprise represents a challenge to business that it would rather avoid completely.

Watts was a prominent economist before World War II, taking his degrees from Harvard in the pre-Keynesian period and teaching at various colleges. He became a tireless champion of free markets during the years when it was most unfashionable. You can read Rothbard’s obit here.

His great classic is Away From Freedom, from 1952, which is a  strong challenge to the secure Keynesian consensus in the profession. It was Joseph Salerno who told us of this book. And he is right: it is beautifully written and powerfully argued. This one is coming back in print.

You might think there surely couldn’t be any more Henry Hazlitt books extant but, sure enough, here is Thinking as a Science from 1916 — and it is, quite simply, a tutorial on how to think clearly. It is an excellent read, and one we will bring back in print soon enough.

Some months ago, but with no fanfare, we posted a rare collection of editorials from the old, early magazine edited by Albert Jay Nock called The Freeman. This book is a collection that he personally edited. The original table of contents was rather useless. So BK Marcus put together a new one, which is now added to this pdf book. There are many aspects of this book that will surprise Nockians. It provides a snapshot of liberal/anarchist opinion in the United States circa 1920-1924.


lester March 5, 2008 at 9:51 am

one book I have been reading abuot but haven’t been able to find is “the precepice” (sp?) by Sholem Asch. He wrote mainly what is known as bible fiction, stories taking place in bible times based partially on scripture, but this one was about the hyperinflation, which he experienced. Because it’s the one that I’m most interested in it is the hardest to find. If you ever come across it definately check it out.

Curt Howland March 6, 2008 at 11:51 am

Lester, both AbeBooks.com and Amazon.com have many books by Sholem Asch, but no “precipice”. You might want to check there once in a while just to make sure.

Used books stores are your friends.

lester March 6, 2008 at 5:40 pm

Curt- thanks for looking. I hadn’t checked in a while. most of his other books we have at our local library. I read one called “the nazarene” it was good but was not about hyperinflation. It was about jesus. very controversial in it’s time and also a little over my head as far as it’s scriptural jews vs jesus philosophical debate. not my area.

David Spellman March 7, 2008 at 6:45 pm

I read “Away From Freedom.” A great synopsis of not only what is wrong with the economics of Keynes, but also the profound moral decay that it leads to. A wonderful short book!

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