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Source link: http://archive.mises.org/5684/modern-day-secessionists-think-of-leaving-the-union/

Modern-Day Secessionists Think of Leaving the Union

September 27, 2006 by

The New York Sun reports on the Middlebury Institute. A think tank devoted to the study of separatism, secession, and self-determination that is plannning the First North American Secessionist Convention in Burlington, Vt.

According to the Middlebury Institute web site, responses have come in from “Hawaii Nation, Alaska Independence Party, League of the South and several of its chapters, Southern National Congress Committee, Southern Caucus, Christian Exodus, New State Movement, Puerto Rico Independence Party, Parti Quebecois, the State of Jefferson, and the Second Vermont Republic.”

A strong response has also come from secession supporters in “Cascadia” (Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia) and “Delmarva” (Delaware, Maryland, and the Virginia Peninsula), among other areas.

In an article in Adbusters magazine, the director of the institute, Kirkpatrick Sale, wrote:

“For one thing, as hurricane Katrina has glaringly shown, the Federal government is a clumsy, bureaucratic, politicized, and insensitive instrument (and as the rebuilding will show, corrupt as well), and states and localities that give themselves over to depending on it are in real trouble.”

Noting the tradition of secession in American history, Mr. Sale told the Sun that he doesn’t know why it should be impractical for Vermont to secede. “The first group of secessionists [were] the Founding Fathers,” he said. “The American Revolution was in fact a secession from the United Kingdom.”

Not to mention the problems with the legality of Hawaiian, Alaskan, Californian, and Texan statehood under the strict letter of the law. And, of course, Lincoln’s illegal reconquering of the south in 1861.


Mark Brabson September 27, 2006 at 7:47 pm

I am all for this. I, too, want off the Federal Government’s neo-conservative, inflationist train. Whether the states go there own way as completely independent republics or band together in a loose confederation or several loose confederations are all options that are worth considering.

There is one movement that has been around for a while, that seeks a confederation of southern and western states and western Canadian provinces under a Confederate style Constitution. I would prefer a loose confederation similar to the Articles of Confederation. I may draft a proposed “Articles” for purposes of discussion.

A.J September 28, 2006 at 2:50 am

As things keep getting worse and worse, this idea keeps apealling to more and more people.

Secession sure sounds sweet.

Nick Bradley September 28, 2006 at 7:14 am

Perhaps the best hope for the Country is Secession and re-assembly of the United States under an Articles of Confederation-type system. As states split off from the Old Republic, they can retain 95% of their autonomy and join a competing league of states (CSA?).

We may also see seceeded sections form tri-state cantonal system, such as an Enviornmentalist Washington State, Oregon, and Northern California Union, A southwestern Hispanic State made up of S. Cal, Arizona, and New Mexico, a Republic of Texas with Oklahoma and Arkansas included, a Republic of Florida, A Norweigan Union of N. Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, A Rugged Mountain Union of CO, ID, MT, NV, Western Canada, and Alaska, a mormon theocracy in UT, A Union of Plains states in NE, KS, IA, and MO, and many other interesting possibilities.

banker September 28, 2006 at 8:20 am

“Republic of Florida”;
I can’t wait until I see oranges on my passport!

Hopefully if states do secceed the state governments are smart enough to allow for immigration between states and free trade.

Angelo September 28, 2006 at 8:38 am

What a wonderful idea. I would gladly support secession, which can’t happen fast enough.

hard return ¶ September 28, 2006 at 9:22 am

The growing schisms in the US and Canada are more and more apparent, but there would need to be a lot of patient hard work done to ensure a Czechoslovakian style “velvet divorce” rather than a Yugoslavian style blood bath.

(there was once briefly a “Republic of West Florida” west of the Suwannee)

David White September 28, 2006 at 9:33 am

An excerpt from my post on Lew’s article about government failure:

“But let us not forget that unlike the constituents of the Soviet Union, those of the United States are all perfectly capable of governing themselves, if not as truly free societies, then at least as minimal states. And while none of them presently is, neither does any of them have a central bank whereby it can fund its operations via money printing. Instead, a return to state sovereignty (as step one in the transition to free society) would also usher in a return to sound money, which, by precluding both welfarism and warfarism, would severely restrict state action.”

Which is to say that a bona fide secession movement in America would collapse the global banking cartel and put an end to the greatest fraud (centralized fractional-reserve banking) in human history.

So vis-a-vis William Anderson’s article, suffice it to say that it’s time we ALL stopped “Living on the Reservation.”

Nick Bradley September 28, 2006 at 11:48 am

David White,

“So vis-a-vis William Anderson’s article, suffice it to say that it’s time we ALL stopped ‘Living on the Reservation.’”

I think we’re all more similar to sharecroppers or, more accurately, serfs. We all have to give a portion of our crop, or income, to the landlord. We pay land rent through Property taxes. We are also not allowed to do what we want in our own homes because the land blongs to a big landlord.

Actually, I’ve read that Russian serfs gave a lower percentage of their income to the landlord and the government than US citizens currently do.

jdavidb September 28, 2006 at 12:46 pm

Secession is the foundation of all freedom. (Used to be a plank in the libertarian party platform, but it went away with the last revision.) If you don’t have the right to secede, you don’t have freedom: what you have is compulsion.

I don’t have the moral right to compel anybody to participate in whatever plan for governing I deem right. The only right I have is to peacefully persuade people to participate. To assert otherwise is to assert ownership rights over other people, and to repudiate self-ownership.

It would be right for a state that governs only voluntary members to accept members only on terms of perpetual citizenship, ruling out secession for them. But even then, the next generation would not have consented and would have to be offered the option to secede or join perpetually upon majority.

billwald September 28, 2006 at 12:54 pm

I propose a voluntary division into 4 sovereign nations: west of the Rockies, from the Rockies to the Mississippi, and on the Mason-Dixon line. Each nation woiuld be self sufficient in food, would have sufficient industry, and would have access to the sea lanes.

The primary advantage is that when the North American Union goes into effect in 5 years, we will have 4 votes instead of 1 vote.

David White September 28, 2006 at 1:43 pm

Nick Bradley:

Yassa, massa, Ah hears ya an’ dont be arguin’ wif ya one bit.


A North American Union, together with its European, Asian, and South American counterparts (they’ll just divvy up Africa) is but the “logical” next step in the march toward a world state. I think we are so close the collapse of the American economy, however — http://usmarket.seekingalpha.com/article/17172 — that devolving power back to the individual states and letting them decide where to go from there (join forces with others or continue to decentralize) makes the most sense.

Nick Bradley September 28, 2006 at 3:06 pm

David White,

While I agree with you on the poor long-term outlook of the economy, based on demographics trends and absurd fiscal liabilities by the feds, a couple of things need to be mentioned:

First, houses will not drop as much as the doomsayers believe. Yes, cheap money from the Fed is primarily responsible for the run-up (and hence must come down), but there is anothe factor oft-overlooked is heavy draconian zoning and enviornmental regulation. The cost of regulation significantly increases the cost of housing. In areas where regulation is heavy, such as in the Bay Area and New York City, it is expecially evident. I’m orignally from the BAy Area, but now live near Omaha, NE. The Omaha housing market has been essentially flat for more than a decade. Why? It is extremely easy to build a home or a business. A lot of people buy their own lots in the Omaha suburbs, and find their own contractor to build them a home. This would NEVER happen in California. There is virtually no red tape in Omaha (and its a right-to-work state), and houses are cheap because of it.

A second thing that makes me think twice about dooming-and-glooming the long-term health of the eonomy is the emergence of Nanotechnology. Nanotechnology will significantly reduce the cost and quality of producing goods. However, the full brunt of Nanotech will not hit until the 2020s/2030. As a result, the next decade could be very bad. The housing market will go down significantly (althoug not crash due to the regulation holding prices up around the country), the dollar will probably have a major correction, baby boomers will begin to retire and cash trillions out of the stock and bond markets (while still demanding their checks from the “gummint”), the price of medecine will skyrocket, and we will probably have a left-wing Democrat as president for at least part of the decade.

David White September 28, 2006 at 4:11 pm

Nick Bradley:

I’m all for the GRN — genetics, robotics, nanotechnology — revoltuion and believe that it will usher in the Singularity in my lifetime (I’m 56) but seriously doubt that the American Empire can survive into the 2020s.

As for the housing market, as contingency sales cascade around the country, even Nebraska will not be immune. And frankly, if the housing market’s decline has only just begun, then the correlation between the NAHB Index and the SPX all but assures a massive economic meltdown in the next couple of years.

If so, then as the Fed cuts interest rates to the bone and prints money out the wahzoo, the dollar will go into a tailspin, leading to a collapse of the bond market as foreign banks sell off their trillions of dollars in bond holding, which will in turn send bond yields soaring. And as mortgage rates are tied to bond yields, the result would be stagflation on steriods — i.e., a hyperinflationary depression that could make the 30s look like the good ol’ days.

M E Hoffer September 28, 2006 at 4:46 pm


This quote, which just happened to be on the right side margin, says all we need to understand about the multi-various potential ‘morrows we’ll see: Ludwig von Mises: “Mankind has not reached the stage of ultimate technological perfection. There is ample room for further progress and for further improvement of the standards of living. The creative and inventive spirit subsists notwithstanding all assertions to the contrary. But it flourishes only where there is economic freedom.” – Omnipotent Government

There is, w/o Q, a Major League Fiscal overhang clouding the Future outlook. To me, many of those “dollars” and, hopefully, a large swath of the mechanisms that created them will simply be “void”-ed by a awakened American Populace, Gens X and Y, that learn, or re-learn, that Liberty is the only option that purchases Prosperity, of any worthwhile or lasting sort.

Robert Brager September 29, 2006 at 4:14 pm

Get a documentary film crew to cover that conference. Preferably one with some sympathy.

I’d volunteer, but I’d need expenses covered.

David White September 29, 2006 at 5:12 pm

M E Hoffer:

How wonderfully said, both by Mises and yourself, mindful that the “void”-ing will have grave consequences in the interim, as the state lurches into oblivion, taking all that it possibly can down with it.

Beware and buy gold.

El Cid October 5, 2006 at 4:39 am

Kudos to Kirkpatrick and the Middlebury Institute

Aric ray March 22, 2007 at 9:48 pm

Heck, I would support the south seceedin altogether. we should have won the the civil war. but things happen. those damn yankees are trying to ruin the south and i think we should seceed rite now but as soon as i become govenor i will. as i always said…. THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGIAN AND WE WILL FORM THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA

Bryan June 3, 2007 at 10:37 pm

If any state sussedes with the intention of shrinking the government back to what the founders intended and that state follows a strict constitutional approach I will move myself and my family there tomorrow.

robert November 6, 2007 at 8:32 pm

I agree with some of the points of the talk of sussesion becous the government of this country has became useless it is sad that at a time when our nation needs a true leader that all the ones we have are only interested in personal or party gain and not the greater good of the country. I feel that every member of congress should be fired the entire government shut down and a restructureing should take place, we need to step back from world affares and take care of the problems at home.Everyone wants to blame the government for the countrys problems yes they are partly at fault but we as citisens are at greater fault for alowing them to get us into the messes they have goten us in. everyon needs to speek up and then maybe we can be hurd. I dont want our country to fail becous it was founded on the beleefs of great men that thought they could trust thier desendents to keep it going but we are failing.

Brett Wason November 9, 2007 at 10:16 pm

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe has announced that Arkansas plans of succeeding from the United States at the end of his year. Some plans from Arkansas capital leaked to the press, included plans of a railroad system linking all of Arkansas major cities together throwing out the need of automobile traveling. Mike Beebe says that gas prices are crippling Arkansas economy. Arkansas farmers are called out to support the population with food, farmers like the idea of succeeding.

Personally I do not believe this will ever happen, I do not think the United States Government would allow it, and who’s to blame them. Trust me this will never happen, not one state of the United States will ever succeed again.

Tim Barnes February 20, 2008 at 9:28 pm

This political situation is a joke. The Soviet Union collapsed within most of our lifetimes yet our politicians want to give communism a try. All I can say is I will not allow my children to experience communism in this country without one hell of a fight! Our freedom was earned and is precious and true Americans should do anything it takes to maintain it.

Mark Boone November 25, 2008 at 6:32 pm

RE: Bret Wasson [code] QUOTE: I do not think the United States Government would allow it, and who's to blame them. Trust me this will never happen, not one state of the United States will ever succeed again. [/code] . I hate to disagree with you Bret, but it COULD happen again for a plethora of reasons. Many people who normally remain silent can become raging maniacs should the current, new elected leadership even attempt to curtail on the 2nd ammendment, thru bills like S2433, and other HR resolutions. Much less, that reason alone, along with other right infringements and a total revolt could quickly be at hand. Am I a right wing NRA devotee? No, I’ve never been a member, but I support their cause. Do I support change? Possibly, provided it is not change addressed at changing our Bill of Rights, or personal freedoms. Do I support either of the two parties that have led the US down the path of continual destruction and ruin, NO. Two parties alone, I feel shows narrow minded views. Odds are, per the consensus of those who DO NOT think the new elected leader is a messiah and who are also sick of DC trying to continually force their thought & life patterns on to us via laws or court rulings from those whom seem much more unstable than the general populaiion;……. there exists a shared, common thread of a general consensus thought pattern throughout most of the south and a large majority of western states and even some Canadian provinces. Should they ever decide to unite, THEY would have total control of the majority of the North American Continent Oil & Gas, a majority of the population, a majority of the military bases, land, etc. and adequate wealth; to easily control the affairs of those remaining on the North American continent. I actually like the idea of secession, if it could involve turning off the tap on the fuel (gas, & heating), for those who don’t want to drill off of THEIR precious coasts, while they rape & take advantage of the coasts where I live, then even better!!! Time to quit living life as an ostrich, get your head out of whatever and wake up & smell the roses.

Connie Deturk July 18, 2010 at 1:07 pm

I think it is about time to take our country back, get back to basics. If they want to continue to sell our rights to the highest bidder, we need to stand together and leave the union. Life would be much brighter

Jim Rogers August 18, 2011 at 2:59 pm

There have been logical suggestions of partitioning of the United States from both Left and Right. Generally speaking, most are fairly close in detail. As someone who is on the Right side of the political spectrum, I would welcome a calm, rational discussion of separating.

It is fairly clear from each side that we no longer have enough in common to continue as the nation is currently constituted. Why not call it, as in a marriage, irreconcilable differences and work out the details peacefully before our disagreements turn ugly.

Email me if you’d like to discuss.

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