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Source link: http://archive.mises.org/4941/surfing-the-study-guide/

Surfing the Study Guide

April 23, 2006 by

A handy feature was recently added to the Austrian Study Guide. Most entries now have a “Related” section. For example:

“Property, Causality, and Liability”

The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, 7(4), pp. 87-95.

Related: Welfare, Law & Econ., Property, Law

Hans-Hermann Hoppe QJAE

The Related section is useful in two ways. First, it tells you at a glance how we’ve classified the item. This can help you to quickly home in on the resources that fit your needs. It is also particularly helpful when an article deals with a topic that you might not have guessed. For example, you wouldn’t suspect from the title of this article (“Quod Omnes Tangit…”) on consent theory in the Middle Ages that it is related to the topic of Anarchy but the “Related” topics reveal this.

But there is also this. The related topics are links. Click on the Related topic “Property” in the entry above and you will see other Study Guide entries on Property: articles, books, audio and video. With these Related links the Study Guide now gets that essential feature of a Web resource: surfability. At any point in the Study Guide you can click on an author name to see all items by that author, or click on a related topic to see all items on that topic. Rinse and repeat. A search that starts in one place can lead you to unexpected places. You don’t need to know exactly where an item is in the Study Guide, just start surfing and you’ll find your way there.

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