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Source link: http://archive.mises.org/4427/forget-pandemic-flu-regular-flu-is-wildly-overstated/

Forget “pandemic” flu; regular flu is wildly overstated

December 10, 2005 by

The annual flu frenzy is on, and all its attendent vaccination hysterias, and this year the mania is stepped up by the media’s frothing over the coming pandemic “bird flu“–a threat that has hoax written all over it.

Well, writing in the British Medical Journal, Peter Doshi explains all the many ways in which the CDC and government PR people inflate the dangers of flu by including anything deaths that are “flu-associated.” So while you heard that 36,000 people die every year from something flu-like, it turns out that the real number could be in the hundreds or lower–as low as just a few people.

Also raising questions is a strange CDC pr strategy that specifically calls for bureaucrats to “predict dire outcomes” in order to get people to get the shot–a fact which does not disappoint vaccine manufacturers.


Jack Maturin December 11, 2005 at 4:50 am

Hi Jeffrey,

You’ll be unsurprised to learn that over here in the UK we also have our own government-inspired ‘bird-flu’ frenzy, typified by the story below:

Files ‘lost’ at bird flu centre

You may also be very unsurprised to learn that our very own socialist ruling party has vaccine manufacturers among its major financial supporters.

In 2001 the head of a company called Powderject gave Tony Blair’s party £50,000 pounds. In an amazing coincidence, six weeks later Powderject was awarded a government vaccine contract for £32 million pounds. Another amazing coincidence then took place. Mr Drayson was then awarded a peerage. Now known as Lord Drayson, the head of Powderject now has his very own private seat in the House of Lords, our second government revising chamber, where he can overview and help change any future legislation on government vaccine provision. Without the need for prompting, Lord Drayson then found £500,000 in loose change, in his back pocket, which once again in an amazing coincidence made its way into the coffers of Tony Blair’s Labour Party. Just fancy that! :-)

Even better than this, Lord Drayson is now known as a tycoon, the usual anti-capitalist epithet given to anyone who serves the public supremely well, thereby tarring all genuine tycoons with the same brush as one of these Orren Boyle or Wesley Mouch style government sycophants:

Tycoon gave £0.5m to Labour after receiving peerage

Oh well. At least the UK Labour Party has been seen deep in the sleazy mould it so roundly condemned in 1997 to gain power.

tricia December 11, 2005 at 9:16 am

Nice post … until consumers of the press realize that journalists are in it for the money they will be duped by so called objective reporting. To go a step further, add limited understanding of science, economics and history to the greed factor and you have a truly explosive situation. Most reporting conducted by the MSM that goes beyond the facts is wild story telling

Great December 11, 2005 at 2:32 pm

Avian flu is caused by avian influenza viruses, which occur naturally among birds.
Pandemic flu is flu that causes a global outbreak, or pandemic, of serious illness that spreads easily from person to person. Currently there is no pandemic flu. http://www.northcoastcabcompany.com

William December 13, 2005 at 6:16 pm

I have made this posting at other sites. The crap flag went up when the media reported a “bird flu” PANDEMIC, not epidemic. They have found a new word supposed to create shock and awe and whip the common folk up into a frenzy. That caused me to lose all confidence in the reporting of any information on this issue. Of course no media outlet that I saw even thought of identifying the difference between the new PANDEMIC and your ordinarly run of the mill epidemic.

jeffrey January 15, 2006 at 1:23 pm

Well, it seems that the NIH has responded to Doshi. Doshi himself replied here.

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