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Source link: http://archive.mises.org/4361/learncasting-educational-podcasts-por-gratis/

Learncasting: Educational Podcasts Por Gratis

November 22, 2005 by

Numerous universities and colleges now offer podcasts covering a host of topics. Berkeley, Stanford and Harvard are just a few notable entrants in this burgeoning market. Here is a list of courses offered in this convenient medium (check out the additional feeds in the comments section tambien).

See also the growing list of schools developing OpenCourseWare services: MITCarnegie MellonJohns HopkinsTuftsRiceUtah Stateand more.

Check out the Mises feeds as well.


DJC November 23, 2005 at 6:18 am

Great listing, Tim. In addition, we are fans of the DVD and audio courses at:


The only disappointment has been their economics lectures. Have any Austrian School faculty thought about developing a lecture series through these folks?

Aakash November 23, 2005 at 6:13 pm

Remember a little while ago, when we were discussing the controversial new online Books program from Google (something that I will have to address, if I can ever get that paper started… something that I will need to do like, yesterday)? [And by the way, Mr. Tucker's article, which I found last night, linked to here, may be able to help with this project... It presents a perspective on why making books available for free online will not necessarily decrease book sales - but can actually have the opposite effect; I actuallly hadn't thought of that viewpoint before.]

Anyway, I just found Rich Karlgaard’s blog at Forbes.com this afternoon, and he made us aware of Amazon.com’s new program, for purchases parts of books. My comment there noted that I thought this may be similar to Google Books, but from that article, it appears that Amazon.com is actually charging for the page(s) or chapter(s) that you get… I don’t know specifically how they will set that system up, to allow you to search, but not see enough that you wouldn’t want to buy. I suppose the fact that they are charging allows them to get around the copyright issue.

But I’m mentioning this here due to your reference to Podcasting… I alluded to it at the end of that comment ;-)
Wikipedia is now a great place to go, to find quick reference information, about things such as this… But I’m ashamed to say that I myself still don’t, at this point, even know for sure what Podcasting is! I will look at that encyclopedia article, and the one on OpenCourseWare – that last one, I’ve never even heard of… when was it begun? I think for some of these things, it’s easier to ask someone (a techie lives right across the hallway from me…) than to try to read about it. With all these changes happening so fast, not just in technology, but with other thngs as well, it is easier to fall behind… I better figure this all out soon. Thank you for making us aware of these features, as they pertain to the academic experience.

And also: To all of the Mises staff and faculty: Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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