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Source link: http://archive.mises.org/4286/the-joy-of-hazlitt/

The Joy of Hazlitt

November 2, 2005 by

Henry Hazlitt is the author of the book Economics in One Lesson. This T-shirt celebrates his book and overall contribution to economics. After all, this man might have taught more people the fundamentals of economic thinking than anyone else in a half century.

This special edition T-shirt is gold (Hazlitt championed the gold standard) and includes printing on the reverse side, with the One Lesson that Hazlitt taught: “The art of economics consists in looking not merely at the immediate but at the longer effects of any act or policy; it consists in tracing the consequences of that policy not merely for one group but for all groups.”


Jon November 2, 2005 at 6:23 pm

When are Thomas Woods and Lew Rockwell getting their own shirts?

bkmarcus November 2, 2005 at 9:04 pm

“When are Thomas Woods and Lew Rockwell getting their own shirts?”

Jon, what would you suggest for their mottos?

anarkhos November 6, 2005 at 5:50 pm

Thomas Woods would likely be something like “Politically Incorrect” or “History is PC”, while Lew Rockwell would likely be “Speaking of Liberty”

Cameron November 12, 2005 at 9:45 pm

I think the following quote sums up the reason why we wear the t-shirts in the first place:

“The venerable dead are waiting in my library to entertain me and relieve me from the nonsense of surviving mortals.” ~ Samuel Davies

I wouldn’t want to wear a t-shirt with a living person’s picture on it. I hope Lew lives another 50 years and writes 50 more books, so I don’t think I’ll ever wear his t-shirt – if it’s made.

By the way, you can get a t-shirt with the above quote on it at aPuritansMind.com. Click on Reformed T-shirts.

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