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Source link: http://archive.mises.org/3898/canadian-marijuana-seed-distributor-arrested-by-order-of-the-us-government/

Canadian marijuana seed distributor arrested by order of the US government

July 29, 2005 by

Marc Emery, the head of a Canadian marijuana seed distributorship that is reputed to be the largest such enterprise in the world, was arrested earlier today in Halifax, apparently due to a “request” from the US DEA. Emery, also an avid anti-drug-war activist and the editor/publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine, is apparently slated for extradition to the US, according to this blog and other sources.


Blair Anderson July 29, 2005 at 8:41 pm

The political context of the USA (and Canadian) actions in detaining Marc Emery will serve prohibition and prohibitors badly.

The USA is without moral authority.

Overgrow the Government…

Phillip Conti August 1, 2005 at 12:05 pm

I was quite amazed that he has been able to get along for so long without being picked up.

Michael A. Clem August 1, 2005 at 12:46 pm

Overgrow the Government

Nice line, but I’m not quite sure what it means.

Blair Anderson August 2, 2005 at 2:37 pm

Reform advocate and seed distributor of cannabis, illicit in the minds of some, immoral in others but the law is in disrepute for everyone.

Last successful prosecution (in canada) for seed sales and distribution was way back in ’63. An unenforced or unenforcable law is no law at all.

PainMan September 16, 2009 at 4:55 pm

The largest problem with this, is the fact that the US is ignoring the idea of national sovereignty and just throwing around their weight (again). You do not extradite a person and try them for something that IS NOT A CRIME in their own country (where it was done). It is hypocritical to use a legal system in this way and it shows serious cowardice on the part of the Canadian government.

Here are a few similar ideas to ponder.

* A gay American who has NEVER been to Iraq, is not going to be shipped to Iraq by the US government, and then tried under Islamic law (and beheaded) for being gay. Neither is a gay person who is from Canada going to be extradited from Canada to the USA – for publishing a guide on “international gay marriage laws”, and how to get around them (even if they *DO* send copies to the USA, where gay marriage is illegal).

* the people who shoot the nude pictures in Playboy Brazil are not going to be extradited to the USA and tried for taking topless and/or nude photos (and printing them for sale) of women under age 18, because the age of consent for that sort of thing (sexually suggestive nude photographs) is LOWER in Brazil (you know, Brazil, where people wear almost nothing at the beach).

* If I chew gum in the USA, I am not going to be shipped to Singapore by the US government and be ‘caned’ in Singapore until I am bloody – all because there is a law in Singapore that makes chewing gum illegal.

* It is -VERY- doubtful that US authorities would ship one of THEIR citizens to Singapore to be tried (and probably caned) just because they sent a package of chewing gum to a person in Singapore, or posted a guide on how to ‘make your own gum’ on the internet..


Because countries have absolute authority over what is illegal in THEIR country, but not in another country. This is the entire point of having national borders. Different countries = different laws.

Sometimes when a person who is a citizen of country ‘A’ commits a very serious crime while in country ‘B’, both countries will cooperate with aresting and shipping that person back to the place where the crime happened. Sometimes…and when there is a huge difference in the penalties between the two countries the supposed ‘criminal’ is usually tried according to the laws of their own nation, or serves their sentence in their own nation (or both). This is a common international courtesy.

But in this case, Emery sent out items in the mail while in Canada. People are supposed to be tried under the laws that exist WHERE THEY DID the ‘crime’ (and only if it was a crime in that location), not tried in some other place, and under a different set of laws. The problem is that the US does not check its mail very well. A huge amount of cannabis (and other drugs) goes through the public mail system, and even more of it goes through privagte couriers (many of whom never check the contents with sniffer dogs or x-rays).

People are supposed to respect other peoples laws. The USA only respects international legal boundaries when it suits them. Remember folks, the USA has secret bases in various parts of the world where they ship people in order to torture them…and those bases exist in those other locations *because* torture is legal in that other nation. They claim this is not a crime because it does not take place where torture is a crime. Emery sold pot seeds in a location where that was not a crime (certainly not a life sentence), but eh US ignores that because it suits them to.

This is actually one of the biggest problem with the idea of INTERNATIONAL COURTS, you know, like the international court for ‘crimes against humanity’ in the Hague. Crimes under which laws? That were passed in what country? This is supposed to be a court of law, yet many of those who are tried were kidnapped to get them there, and are tried for things that were not illegal where they lived.

Several of the people who were tried and convicted in this manner over the last few decades were basically kidnapped (at military gunpoint) from another country where those actions were NOT illegal and in some cases they were in charge of the country (some of them were absolute dictators). peoplefrom the USA tend to be amazed with the IDEA that Hussain felt that the US had no legal authority over him, and that he had committed no crimes … the fact is that they didn’t have any authority over him, and he had committed no crimes. He committed horrble unforgivable actions…and lots of them, but nothing that was against the law.

Illegal and wrong are not the same thing, and courts are not the enforcers of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, but of ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’. ‘Legal’ and ‘Illegal’ are concepts that end at the border of a country. The only way to avoid this if for the governments of all the countries involved to pass the same set of laws (a treaty) and in the cases of Malosavitch and Hussain there WERE no treaties or any legal authority.

Remember again that some of the people who were tried and convicted (some executed) in this way, were the leaders of their governments in the countries where these actions happened. Funny thing about being a King (or any other type of absolute dictator). You cannot commit a crime. Everything you do is (by definition) legal. No matter how horrible their actions were, they were STILL legal where they took place.

Sadam may very well have been guilty of genocide (with the help of the US) – but – in *HIS* country it was not illegal for him to do those things. The same is true of Hitler, Georing and the other NAZI leaders. They did horrific things – which where also not illegal in the location where they were done. Everything that was done, was done ACCORDING to the law…all the right paperwork was filled out, and all the orders were done according to law.

People need to stop pretending that the leader of one country (or several of them) can legally invade another country and then put the other leader on trial. Most of the time these invasions and international trials are just a “dog and pony show” to take over a nation with something somebody else wants, or to get rid of a dictator who was put there by the same people who are invading. The publicly given reasons are crap and it gets more and more difficulty to explain why they (as individuals) ought to obey the laws when their leaders and nations do not.

.and once again…dictators CANNOT commit crimes when they are in their own nation

Look at the penalty difference for seed sales in Canada and the USA. In the USA what Emery did gets you *LIFE* in prison. In Canada they ignore it (but if they *DID* do anything about it, they would FINE you, not put you into a US federal penitentiary until you die of old age.

US jails are very very bad places. They are almost all run by private corporations (most by Prison Industries America). The guards are often selected BECAUSE they have violent criminal records. The prison administrators separate the prisoners by RACE on purpose, to keep the place more violent. You are forced to work for your keep (you make a few cents an hour), and these are places where the guards beat you, and often put two prisoners into a cell, ON PURPOSE…knowing they will hate each other, and attack one another…and then take bets on who will come out alive. The prisons also deny people their medications a lot as guards believe that prisoners have no rights at all, and you are very likely to be raped on a regular basis as well.

So here we have the USA throwing its gun toting, ‘hang them high’, socially backward weight around, all to push a sovereign nation into taking a citizen of Canada, and push them into throwing that person over an international border into a county where the courts have no legal right to try them.

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