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Source link: http://archive.mises.org/3071/cantor-on-popular-culture/

Cantor on Popular Culture

February 1, 2005 by

Paul Cantor on his book Gilligan Unbound: Pop Culture in An Age of Globalization:

I was helped a great deal by the fact that an economics think tank, the Ludwig von Mises Institute, had scheduled a conference on “the end of the nation state” for the fall of 2000 and invited me to participate. The conference was centered around a brilliant book by Martin van Creveld called The Rise and Decline of the Nation State, and van Creveld attended the conference. He was quite amused to hear his argument applied to American television. But I found his book and all the research I did on the “end of the nation state” debate very helpful. I had vaguely known about this issue, but reading up on it really helped me tie the book together. [Full article from Americana via LRC]

Paul Cantor was also interviewed by the Austrian Economics Newsletter. He spoke at a Mises Institute conference on taxation two weeks ago. Here is that audio file.

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