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Source link: http://archive.mises.org/2276/the-radical-defense-of-liberty/

The Radical Defense of Liberty

July 23, 2004 by

The Mises Institute is completing a major upgrade of its website, the most highly trafficked institutional site on economics in the world. It now moves faster and delivers more information more efficiently. As the world source for economic education, it is now better than ever. And we are just getting started. Many more online services are being planned. Such upgrades and services are made possible only through the support of readers. During the transition, the donations form was temporarily down. It is working nicely now, and we invite you to try out the new Mises.org site and make a contribution to our efforts. A very popular option is to authorize recurring charges on your credit card. To make an online donation, go here.

The Ludwig von Mises Institute, founded in 1982, is the world’s leading provider of scholarly support services for the Austrian School of economics, free-market theory, and libertarian political philosophy. The Institute publishes journals and books, holds internationally renowned teaching conferences, assists faculty and students with research services, and administers one of the most heavily trafficked institutional websites in the world (with voluminous resources used by millions), among a huge range of other projects.

Ludwig von Mises was one of a kind, but today, thanks to the Mises Institute, there are hundreds, even thousands, of professors and students who share his ideals and moral courage. The Mises Institute gives them a home and the backing they need to carry on their work. Our offices in Auburn, Alabama, with our collection of rare and specialized books and journals, serve as a research sanctuary for students and faculty, even as the influence of the Mises Institute is felt all over the world.

  • “Everyone, in his own interest, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle.” Ludwig von Mises
  • “The Mises Institute is, for me, a dream come true.” Margit von Mises
    “I think Lu Mises would have heartily approved of the Ludwig von Mises Institute.” Henry Hazlitt

  • “The Mises Institute points the way to many thousands of young students. Its initiative and labors have made it the magnetic pole toward which all parts of the movement gravitate.” Hans Sennholz
  • “The Mises Institute is the world’s leader in the defense, development, and promotion of the Austrian School of economics and the radical defense of liberty.” Hans-Hermann Hoppe

The Mises Institute gratefully accepts gifts of stock and appreciated assets, and offers long-term giving options. Email James W. Fogal for further information on contributing in this manner (or phone us at 334.321.2100). The recurring charge plan is a great way to ensure that your support is ongoing. However you choose to give, the Mises Institute is deeply grateful for your support.

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