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Source link: http://archive.mises.org/17654/online-hoppe-course-starts-tomorrow/

Online Hoppe Course Starts Tomorrow

July 10, 2011 by

In my experience and opinion, Hans-Hermann Hoppe is the most profound social theorist writing today.  He doesn’t just have interesting things to say.  He has a system of thought that is coherent, integrated, fascinating, and highly original whether you agree with all of it or not.

Of course he, like all theorists, stands on the shoulders of past greats.  He is a Rothbardian and a Misesian, just as Rothbard himself was a Misesian and a Thomist.  But he has gone places that Mises and Rothbard never did.  And his ideas are often startling, not only in their intellectual fearlessness, but also in their penetrating insight.

So I heartily recommend taking the opportunity to study with Hoppe’s friend and protege Stephan Kinsella in the online course The Social Theory of Hoppe, which starts tomorrow.  See Kinsella’s article on the course, Read Hoppe, Then Nothing Is the Same.  Kinsella is an excellent teacher and scholar, with much experience as an online instructor.  You will surely find the lectures and readings enjoyable, and they will surely stimulate some great discussions in the live chat during the lecture sessions.  Also, students will have an opportunity to have their questions sent to Dr. Hoppe himself!

So, please join us!

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Ivan Georgiev July 11, 2011 at 1:10 am

I highly recommend this course to all the people out there who want to know the true nature of the state!

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