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Source link: http://archive.mises.org/17653/how-you-can-help-mises-org/

How you can help Mises.org

July 12, 2011 by

Periodically, people ask me how they can help Mises.org. I don’t mean financially, or academically, but how to improve the Mises.org website.

Actually, we could use a lot of help from people with the right skills. While it may seem that Mises.org is run by some giant shadowy corporate conglomerate on a huge budget, it turns out that most corporations actually are not fans of capitalism. So rather than a huge government-size organization, Mises.org is run by a small team of contractors and volunteers who barely have time to fight spam bots and spam blogs and help people reset their passwords. With our full-time jobs and all the distractions entailed in keeping the website going, it’s difficult to find time to create great features for the website for the million visitors who view over 2.7 million pages every month.

Why help Mises.org?

  • Mises.org makes a difference for millions of people.  Every 24 hours people view 500,000 pages (and download 230GB) on Mises.org (see screenshot) and change their fundamental ideas about man, economy, and the State.
  • Mises.org thinks long term.  Whereas politicians only care only about the next election,  lobbyists care about a few narrow issues, and (most) companies about the next few quarters,  Mises.org is building the groundwork for the next 50 years.  Our content is open, free, distributed globally and designed to influence academia and public debate on a fundamental level from unique, radical, and fundamental perspectives.

Here are some skills we could really use:

  • Creative: Creative art and web designers who can create amazing new interfaces
  • Tech Support: Technically competent tech-support kind of people
  • Coders: .Net/C# programmers
  • A/V media: Audio/visual media experts
  • SysAdmins: System administrators for Windows and Linux
  • Project Managers: “feature owners, ” cheerleaders, and organizers for the development effort
  • Testers: People to test new features and track down bugs
If you want to help us, join the Mises.org Development Group so you can see what we’re working on and what kind of issues we deal with.  Then, read the Mises Wiki Development page to get an overview of Mises.org development resources.  If you have any questions or specific comments, send them to: webmaster@mises.org

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