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Source link: http://archive.mises.org/16578/mises-conference-in-ludwigs-birthplace/

Mises Conference in Ludwig’s Birthplace

April 21, 2011 by

A few years ago I phoned the owner of the Manhattan apartment building where Ludwig and Margit had lived for so many years. We wanted permission to put a plaque on or in the building. The man was a little more polite, a little less curt, than one might expect from an Upper West Side landlord, but the answer was unambiguous: No!

He said he’d never heard of Mises, that lots of famous people lived in his buildings, that he didn’t want to draw public attention to his private residents. I thanked him for his time.

With that attempt and failure in mind, I was pleased to learn that the Mises family house in Lviv will soon have a plaque in Ludwig von Mises’s honor. This announcement comes from Dr. Mykola Bunyk:

On the occasion of the 130th birth anniversary of LUDWIG VON MISES the Lviv Regional Institute of Public Administration is organizing the international conference “Economics and Bureaucracy in an Open Society” in his native city Lviv.

We have planned also the unveiling of a plaque on the Mises family house.

We invite you to visit our city and participate in this conference.

More information in these 3 PDF files:


Agoriearemi April 21, 2011 at 2:09 pm

Seid alle gegruesst!!!

Mal wieder stiegen die Preise fuer Strom hoch nach oben.
Diesbezueglich wahren zum Beispiel folgende Stromanbieter betroffen: Verbandsgemeindewerk Bruchmuehlbach-Miesau!!!
Ich Lilia habe deswegen im Internet informiert & bin auf folgende Energie Seite gestossen.
Dieser Stromvergleichsportal ist sehr einfach zu gebrauchen. In diesem Punkt kann bei einen Wechsel bis 250,- euro im 1 Jahr an Stromkosten gespart werden!!!

Die Seite dazu: Stromanbietervergleich

mfg aus


Mykola Kozak April 21, 2011 at 2:47 pm

As a Ukrainian (born near Lviv, in fact) it is welcoming to see that Lviv is spelled correctly, and not in the Russified version of Lvov.

When Ukraine, I will definitely make plans to check this out. Thanks for the great post.

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