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Source link: http://archive.mises.org/16353/joseph-keckeissen-1925-2011/

Joseph Keckeissen (1925-2011)

April 4, 2011 by

We are all very sad to hear of the passing of Joseph Keckeissen. He was a professor of economics at Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Professor Keckeissen received his doctorate in 1966 from NYU, where he was a member of the Mises Seminar. When he died yesterday, he was in Quetzaltenango, a city in the highlands of Guatemala where he lived in the Salesian Fathers’ residence. He will be buried in Guatemala City so he will be brought tomorrow from Quetzaltenango. A funeral service will be conducted in the Salesians church of Don Bosco. Here are two articles that he wrote for Mises.org. He was also a regular attendee of the Austrian Scholars Conference. Requiscat in pace.

Joseph Keckeissen from Herbert Toaspern on Vimeo.


Ryan McMaken April 4, 2011 at 2:43 pm

He was a champion of liberty and a gentleman.

Shawn Ritenour April 4, 2011 at 3:36 pm

Ryan is right. He also always stressed the importance of the moral foundations of a free society.

donald Hopkins April 8, 2011 at 5:07 pm

i am proud of my cousin joe. he was truly a child of God.

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