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Source link: http://archive.mises.org/12500/laissez-faire-books-it-turns-out-is-not/

Laissez-Faire Books, it turns out, is not

April 17, 2010 by

Some students in a university reading groups were loving The Market for Liberty by the Tannehills – one of those libertarian classics that advocates a fully free society and the privatization of courts and law. A mind blowing book. The students were using the PDF on Mises.org.

Then one day it was gone. They were stunned, and wrote us. We had to tell them the bad news. Laissez-faire Books was claiming copyright and demanding that it come down. Now, at one time, when this company was owned by Andrea Rich and later when it was owned by Kathleen Wickstrom, this company was the cutting edge in liberty, publishing so many books and also distributing them before the age of digital media. The company has a hallowed place in our hearts and in the annals of human freedom.

Difficult economic times caused the company to be land in the hands of its current owner who seems not to share the vision. The new owner came to possess the old’s company’s copyrights, and instead of seeing copyright as a means for keeping the book in circulation (which was how the Old School saw it, however incorrectly) the new owner (Jim Peron) believes that copyright is a stick that should be wielded against anyone who would get the word out. And so he claimed that the Mises Institute was stealing his book, even though we are the main market for selling it! If it really were the case that free PDFs hurt sales, we would surely suffer too.

In any case, I’m not disputing that Peron is the “owner” of this text, though the authors are dead and though I must admit that we thought the entire book was orphaned. I am making a moral point in favor of the distribution of ideas, and also the impropriety of “laissez-faire books” using the state to keep the ideas of liberty from circulating.


HL April 17, 2010 at 3:42 pm

Stuff like this reminds me why I feel indebted to Stephan Kinsella for freeing me from a – very reluctant – endorsement of IP. Now, free of any illusions about the moral and ethical underpinnings of IP, I can comfortably condemn boneheaded IP moves like this.

Robert Brager April 17, 2010 at 3:45 pm

Laissez-Faire Books can try, but they can’t stop us who already have the file from sharing it online through the usual channels. Megaupload, Mediafire, Soulseek, eMule, The Pirate Bay…

… not that I promote doing that, mind you. Oh, no. Never. Wouldn’t be proper.

Dan Onymous April 17, 2010 at 4:03 pm

Post your email address if you would like me to email it to you.

David J. Heinrich April 17, 2010 at 5:49 pm

Dan, I’d be interested. dh003i at gmail dot com

Anonymous April 17, 2010 at 7:37 pm

eddieuse@aol.com …. thanks, I appreciate it

anonymououos April 18, 2010 at 10:35 am

thanks~! usnaij at gmail dot com

Government fundamentalist April 18, 2010 at 11:46 am

I’d like to read that book. Please do send it to me.


Government fundamentalist April 18, 2010 at 11:47 am
Jule Herbert April 18, 2010 at 2:35 pm

Please send me the pdf. I have the book — bought it probably 25 years ago from John Mueller when he had LFB on Mercer Street in NYC.

Jule Herbert April 18, 2010 at 5:10 pm
PMElla April 19, 2010 at 1:45 am

Please send this treasure to zpmella@gmail.com

Thanks a Trillion!

Russell Biser April 19, 2010 at 9:02 am

r b i s e r (a t) g m a i l (d o t) c o m

Anonymous April 19, 2010 at 11:06 am

Wouldn’t mind receiving a copy either: programcollection @ gmail (.) com . Thanks.

Anonymous April 28, 2010 at 9:35 am

jlbryan000@gmail.com please and thank you!

Russ April 17, 2010 at 5:10 pm

“If it really were the case that free PDFs hurt sales, we would surely suffer too.”

You do suffer, financially at least. I would definitely have bought some of the books here from the store, if I could not have gotten electronic copies for free. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. And this doesn’t just go for books here. I bought a computer book last month, and then the next day saw a copy of the same book on a file sharing site. So I dug my receipt out of the trash can and returned the hard copy for a full refund. Free e-copies of books hurts the publishing industry big time.

This doesn’t really matter, though. If you have a good moral argument against IP, you don’t also need a utilitarian argument that says that lack of IP would actually be better for publishers. It would be nice, perhaps, but it’s not necessary.

Mitch April 17, 2010 at 6:36 pm

Russ said, “You do suffer, financially at least. I would definitely have bought some of the books here from the store, if I could not have gotten electronic copies for free. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.”

Even if you aren’t the only one, you might be in the minority. Think if mises.org only had 15 visitors a year. If you and four others valued mises.org books in the way you describe, and didn’t buy any books, but ten others came here and bought books because of and/or after reading some free PDFs, that would be a benefit in total to the Mises Institute, wouldn’t it?

Plus, I think I have introduced at least a half-dozen friends to mises.org using the free PDF literature section as a motivational carrot to steer them to the site. If one of these people buy one book, even if the other five never buy a single one because they can get them for free, that would be a net benefit too, in my opinion. These are just hypothetical results, though. It would be impossible to ever know absolutely, which actually makes any justifications stemming from Jeff Tucker’s recent post about the false estimates of revenue loss caused by IP piracy unnecessary. Yet it remains a wonderful source to argue from.

So, in a few less words: I completely agree with your last paragraph.

Aubrey Herbert April 17, 2010 at 11:32 pm

Free pdf’s lower the barrier of purchase. If I know what the product is, I am more likely to buy it. I don’t like to guess if I would like the book or not. As such I get the free pdf. I generally get frustrated and the prospect of reading anything more than 20pgs online. I give up, and if it is short articles I go print it. If it is anything more than 20pgs, I buy it. Simple.

Robert April 18, 2010 at 1:00 am

“You do suffer, financially at least. ”

Making a statement like that, based only on your personal experience as the supporting evidence for it, makes you look foolish.

Vincent Leho April 18, 2010 at 3:06 am

I agree with Russ and I think that thanks to technology(Ipad, Kindle, Espresso Book Machine),
soon the publishers and authors won’t get any penny from their catalogue. Just look at music files that just killed the CD album. But singers can make money from live performance and writers can’t.

I don’t say it is a bad thing. But you can’t say it does’nt hurt publishers, and it’s gonna hurt their sale ever more so in the future.

It may be not the case for LVMI because a lot of customers like me have an emotional attachment to mises.org, though I doubt it is gonna do any good to your sales in the future.
I love the openness of Mises.org like most of you but Mises.org purpose is not to make money, but to share and make ideas available(while being financialy stable or even expanding its activities), so this is not a bad news for LVMI.
But don’t put the blame on people trying to stay in business. Don’t make them look immoral or ennemies of liberty. If you’re looking for foes there are plenty of them well-identified by mises.org, like greens, reds and everything between.

antiip April 18, 2010 at 7:56 am

“Don’t make them look immoral or ennemies of liberty.”

Oh yes, they ARE enemies of liberty, if they use the state to impose laws on copyright etc. on other people.

There can be no property in ideas.

Vincent Leho April 18, 2010 at 2:16 pm

“Oh yes, they ARE enemies of liberty, if they use the state to impose laws on copyright etc. on other people”

So Ludwig von Mises was an enemy of liberty? So is Georges Reisman?
These are the two best economists of modern times and YES they favored IP laws,
maybe not without reservation but still they endorsed the principle.

It is sad to see that there is more posts againts IP laws than against environmentalism
on this blog

newson April 18, 2010 at 10:20 pm

to vincent leho:
reisman is an objectivist; the views of rand on ip are well known and contested by many on this site.

mises’ views are far less pro-ip than you seem to imply:

they are neither enemies of freedom, nor above criticism.

Micah April 19, 2010 at 1:45 am

Personally, I’ve bought nearly a dozen books from mises.org, and nearly all of them were available for free on their website. I am 24 years old and have been using computers since I learned the colors on some ancient Commodore long ago. In theory, I’m the kind of person that should be using the free electronic copies, not buying the hard copies. I’m sure I’m not alone in being like this. At the very least, I have countered whatever effect you have had (^_^`)

BTW, I bought “Against Intellectual Property” and “Against Intellectual Monopoly”.

RWW April 17, 2010 at 7:32 pm

Asking whether anyone suffers because of the availability of the PDF is as irrelevant as asking whether anyone would suffer if prostitution were legal. Or whether anyone would suffer if taxation were overthrown.

newson April 17, 2010 at 11:09 pm

on a subject of lock-downs, anyone got a copy of “liberty”, n. 3, 1990?

Laissez Faire Books April 18, 2010 at 2:52 am

I am not sure what Mr. Tucker mean’s by “demanding.” In our letter to him we stated that we purchased these rights from the Tannehills and: “We’d appreciate it if you that pdf is removed from on line.” Is saying that we’d appreciate this being done “demanding?” Normally I would not have thought so. As for the stick, what stick? No threats were made.

As I told Walter Block, we would not reprint his work, in any form, without his permission. And we would respect this even if he sold or willed them to his heirs or anyone he designated. We would have this respect whether or not copyright laws existed.

The book was in print when we made this request so we certainly are keeping it in print and alive.

At no point, contrary to the claim made, did Laissez Faire Books did we use the state in this matter. The entire thing was an email request saying we’d appreciate it being removed, with no threats issued, no mention of the state invoked, etc. I simple stated that LFB purchased the copyright from the Tannehills and said: “We’d appreciate it is that pdf is removed from on line.” That was the entire request. And we do appreciate it. See– no mention of threats, no mention of using the state.

Laissez Faire Books April 18, 2010 at 3:14 am

Please excuse the typos, it is quite late here and I just learned of this matter and wished to reply, I came back to edit out the typos but find there is no such option here. My apologies.

Vanmind April 20, 2010 at 12:19 am

Please excuse my refusal to purchase anything that Laissez Faire Books publishes.

jeffrey April 18, 2010 at 6:34 am

You know what I find especially egregious about this case? The Tannehills never did anything to Jim Peron. I don’t even know if they knew him. And here he is, one random guy, who by chance of pure fate was transferred some slip of paper several steps removed from the authors, and is in charge of deciding the fate of the Tannehills ideas. He has decided to exclude their thoughts from the digital universe, a form of book burning done in the name of “property rights.” This is woefully unjust and even evil, from the point of view of the law and the practice.

mrlazare April 18, 2010 at 6:35 am

Let’s skip a lot of needless bickering and cut to the chase:

From the snippets of the email you posted you did not, in fact, explicitly threaten legal sanction against the Mises Institute. Granted. But what else was Mr. Tucker supposed to infer from your having packed your request — however gentle it may have been — with the ‘hint’ that you own this piece of intellectual property? Sure, you might have just been sweetly apprising the Mises Institute of the situation with no ramifications whatsoever in mind should it persist in disseminating the work. But the converse might be true as well. Hard to say.

At any rate, thank you for shedding some more light on the matter. As you’ve made it abundantly clear that legal sanction will not be forthcoming I trust Mr. Tucker — with all due deference to your wishes — will, for the betterment of the cause of liberty, re-upload the PDF to the Mises servers.

Anonymous April 18, 2010 at 9:58 am

Well, I suppose now its clear to me who I will be buying and who I won’t be buying my books from in the future.

jeffrey April 18, 2010 at 10:09 am

I suppose I should refrain from posting the actual emails — would that be a copyright violation? — but let’s be clear: anyone telling us to take down an infinitely reproduceable intellectual resource (comply was Jim Peron’s word) is acting as an agent of the state with the state’s laws. It happens all the time of cours but it is not usually instigated by a “libertarian” bookseller telling us to digitally burn pro-freedom books. The Tannehills are the victims here. They wrote their book to get the truth out; now a copyright squatter is restricting people’s rights to read their ideas.

Laissez Faire Books April 18, 2010 at 1:17 pm

The book is in circulation and in print and not only being sold but we have also distributed free copies of the book or very cheap copies in other cases, for instance at student conference we would sell the book for $5. We recently invested a few thousand dollars in reprinting the 40th anniversary edition with the express goal of getting the book out there. As for the Tannehills, they copyrighted the book in the first place and did not allow free publication of copies by others. They then sold that right to LFB. LFB, not me (and I don’t own LFB) still owns those rights. Our copyright notice is no different than the one that appears in Mises Institute publications. We have claimed no more rights than what are claimed in the Mises books, but no less either. And, if an author writes for Mises, we would not reprint their work, without permission, out of respect for the investment they made in publishing the book. We would do that with, or without copyright laws. We issued no threats at that time, or since, and just asked for the same respect we give MI with their books. As for the actual email: here it is. It was addressed to Brandon Hill of MI who had previously asked us about ownership of the copyright to the Tannehill book, we answered the questions for him and informed him of our new edition of the book at that time, about a year ago. What follows is the entire email.

There are two matters.

One is that we are reprinting the Lysander Spooner Reader with the introduction by George Smith. This is a full reprint of the previous edition that we did.

Would you all be interested in that?

Second, I am told that The Market for Liberty, which LFB bought the rights for from Linda and Morris Tannehill, is in pdf format on your site. The edition there is the one with the Tannehill’s copyright in it because it was the first edition. But under Andrea Rich, LFB purchased those rights from Linda and Morris (who were divorced at the time) with each being paid to transfer said rights to LFB. We’d appreciate it if that pdf is removed from on line.

Stephan Kinsella April 19, 2010 at 1:19 pm

There’s not even a kindle version available for pete’s sake.

Jeffrey Tucker April 18, 2010 at 4:54 pm

Jim Peron, maybe you want to post your follow up emails too? I don’t want to violate your “copyright.” And by the way, feel free to publish and sell at a profit any of our books or post them on your servers.

Anthony Clair April 19, 2010 at 10:25 am

This should be listed in the dictionary definition of “walking the walk.”

bill greene April 18, 2010 at 7:59 pm

Anonymous writes: “Well, I suppose now its clear to me who I will be buying and who I won’t be buying my books from in the future.”

It seems like the new manager(s) at LFB can contuinually find new ways to alienate the book buying public. And, of course, once alienated, customers such as Anonymous, will stop calling. But he is only one of many disenchanted LFB customers.

I had a book published by LFB and listed in their catalog prior to the new owners taking over. Sales were going well, but the new owner’s attempts to redo the LFB web site were so slow that for months it was almost impossible to get through and order a book from them. I reported this to LFB, but since the web site remained dysfunctional for months, and people interested in buying my book were contacting me directly, I listed it on an Amazon Marketplace site.

Before I opened the marketplace, I happened on a blog where two long-time LFB customers were lamenting the very user-unfriendly site, and indicated that, in spite of a long-standing loyalty to LFB, they would never contact them again. I told them the site would be back up shortly, but they might get a copy in the meantime through my Amazon site. I had priced mine slightly higher than LFB’s price, but in the confusion of getting it posted, my price was 50 cents lower for a short time.

Well, someone at LFB discovered this and instead of contacting the unhappy customers, or fixing the problem, I got some very nasty letters “from LFB” with no person’s name mentioned, although I assume they were from Mr. Peron. Whoever it was said I had defamed them on the internet and underpriced them to boot so they would de-list my book, sell out the remaining stock, and never acknowledge it again. Although I wrote and tried to explain, I got the same type of answer again.

I spent the next year trying to get a report on sales, the remaining inventory, and my over-due royalty payment, all with no answers–After many requests I got a check, with a terse note that in its entirety read “Here it is!” But no report on remaining quantities.

I continue to get a small but steady trickle of orders through my “Lost Nation Books” listing on Amazon and occasionally telephone calls and emails from would be but confused customers who couldn’t get through to LFB to buy one. However, one person I recently met blogging reported that when he called them on the phone he was able to get a copy. But, I still have no idea how many copies they have or whether I will ever get another report.

As I understand it, ISI took over LFB after Mr. Peron did and now runs it as a subsidiary operation with Mr. Peron as manager? In any case I share everyone’s regret that a fine Libertarian business has attracted so much bad publicity, especially since they published my book and then de-listed it over a petty misunderstanding!

Jeffrey Tucker April 19, 2010 at 5:41 am

well, all details of this case aside, the bottom line is very clear: Laissez-Faire Books is using the power of the state to prevent the digital distribution of classics in libertarian literature. Peron is censoring the Tannehills in the name of protecting his state grant of monopoly. To me, that’s evil.

Trifith April 19, 2010 at 11:27 am

http://book.freekeene.com has both the PDF and an audiobook of this essential text

MB April 19, 2010 at 1:34 pm

Great, an LFB & LvMI pissing match…

When I first got into libertarianism those many years ago (early 80s). LFB was pretty much my only source for libertarian works. It was where I in many cases learned about works I never knew about. They had a separate ‘anarchist catalog’, which I got. They even had their own book imprint, Fox & Wilkes.

Sadly, LFB fell on hard times, and is now owned by ISIL. Which is fine. But sadly, they’ve dropped F&W and is trying to start their own imprint (Cobden Press), but it seems to have taken them forever to even bring out their first work.

LvMI in some ways has picked up the slack of both FEE & LFB in carrying and bringing back (or bringing forth) good works on libertarianism. LvMI doesn’t have as broad a range of works, but I like the fact they are bring out stuff in print (and the stuff they have on-line is great. How about back issues of Inquiry and other defunct libertarian journals???).

So we really don’t need these issues. I find FEE & LvMI to complement each other. LFB needs to wise up, figure out what LvMI is doing right in bringing works back into print if you want to make Cobden Press a success, and move forward.

Jeremy April 19, 2010 at 2:24 pm

Thank you Jeff for taking such a principled stand here. Although not all agree here on IP laws, you have demonstrated commitment to liberty as you understand it and, as another poster said, “walk the walk.” I discovered liberty through LvMI and the availability of free pdf books, and as a result I have purchased a number of hard copies from you and will do so again in the future.

Ian Freeman April 19, 2010 at 2:35 pm

The audiobook of the Market For Liberty, created by me with permission from LFB, and hosted by http://book.FreeKeene.com has likely been directly responsible for a good chunk of book sales in the last two years. FreeKeene.com continues to proudly host this excellent work by the Tannehills, free to all in both PDF and audio form. :)

Thanks to LFB for permission to distribute this book for free. Please note, if FreeKeene.com receives any threats from the new owners of LFB, they will be publicized and I will remove the link to purchase the hardcopy from our website and encourage a boycott of LFB.

All the best,
Ian Freeman
Blogger, FreeKeene.com

Alexander S. Peak April 19, 2010 at 3:54 pm

(1) The .pdf is still available at libertyactivism.info.

(2) A while back, I began uploading the book in .html format on my personal website. While the entire work is not yet available there, I do plan to eventually finish my upload.

(3) An audiobook version of The Market for Liberty is available here, as read by Ian Freeman of the libertarian radio programme Free Talk Live.

(4) Considering that the copyright holder has stated that they have absolutely no intention of demanding that the book be removed from the Internet, I hope they won’t mind all too greatly if I keep it on my personal website.

(5) I know the Tannehills never wrote anything after this book, but I was unaware that they were dead. If so, that’s very unfortunate. Although flawed in some cases (especially their view on fencing as a form of homesteading–I’m with Rothbard on this subject), they were nevertheless clearly brilliant writers.

I became an anarchist only slightly before reading them, and I was still concerned about many a topic. I could have easily slipped back into minarchism at that point.

Then I read the Tannehills, and I knew I had made no mistake in becoming an anarchist.

(6) I read (I think in Radicals for Capitalism) that the Tannehills had written another book before this one, something on rights. But apparently this book is unavailable online, and out of print. Does the LvMI have access to it, and would it be interested in placing a .pdf of that online? I’d love to read it.

Best regards to all,
Alex Peak

Chris Lempa April 20, 2010 at 9:35 am

I received a similar comment from Mr. Peron even though I didn’t post the pdf of the book. My blog simply linked to it. Please see the comments here: http://alliance.rationalreview.com/2010/03/my-homework-week-1/. Apparently he agrees with Rupert Murdoch that it is a crime to link other people’s material.

I replied to Mr. Peron’s comment but never heard back. His post confused me since I bought the book because of the pdf.

ALLiance April 21, 2010 at 9:54 am

Mr. Peron replied:

I posted here letting people here know so that could make the decision for themselves, as to how to proceed. It was not meant to imply that this site was was in the wrong, and it was assumed that this site was unaware of the situation. So no one was trying to blame this site or the students who had no way of knowing that the pdf was posted off site without permission.

I believe this is a fair explanation.

Thomas L. Knapp April 20, 2010 at 12:31 pm

Maybe I’m just spit-balling here, but I have an idea: How about the good people at LvMI and the good people at LFB um, work this out amicably?

There doesn’t even really need to be any agreement on the validity or non-validity of the concept of “intellectual property” for y’all to do so.

LFB could acknowledge that the digital cat is out of the copyright bag, that enforcement of alleged rights is nearly impossible, and that the business model for book sales is going to have to change … and invite people to disseminate the work in PDF with their branding on it rather than discouraging them from doing so at all.

LvMI could acknowledged that LFB did the freedom movement a good deed by keeping a classic work in print and offer the LFB-branded PDF (with link) to the LFB-sold print edition.

My guess is that ten years from now, e-books will be a combination of a) advertising-supported freebies and b) loss leaders for print editions. What’s in question is which publishers/booksellers will adopt that approach early, perfect it and profit by doing so, and which ones will lose money and damage their own reputations by resisting it.

JL Bryan April 28, 2010 at 9:43 am

This is a good idea–why not distribute some classic older works for free in PDF form, with plenty of advertisments for LFB included (maybe even a page of ads between every chapter)? Couldn’t hurt as an experiment.Personally, I only buy works of Austrian economics now because of the many free offerings on mises.org. Without those, I would never have developed sufficient interest or understanding of the subject to want to start ordering books (not to mention t-shirts!)

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The PSSWS have started one primary school promote education among with illiterate poor Children can not read Holy Bible. At least (100) Children are going education in our little primary school and most of them are poor orphan and unable to pay their school fee. But in our school they gain spiritually and worldly education free of cost and some of them pay a little fee that we use for the betterment and maintenance of school activities. Six Teachers teach the Children on a very small salary package because of having lack of monthly support and other necessary materials resources.

2. Sunday School Center!!!!!
We have started Two Sunday school center in our area under this organization in which the Children are feeded by teachers with word of God where they are learn how to praise the God., worship and read the (Holly Bible) More then (200) Children attend Sunday school class
after every week.

3. Preaching the Gospel!!!!
I and My small evangelical team preach the Gospel in our Faisalabad District that’s the third biggest cities of Pakistan. We are preaching many part of Pakistan and delivered the word of God among with unsaved, unbeliever, hungry souls for Jesus Christ. I and My small evangelical team saved 250 person for Jesus Christ and 300 person repent own sins and 200 person getting the baptized in the water and 125 filled with Holy Spirit, get the baptized of Holy Spirit and speak other tangs. Our Gospel team members are as given below:-

01. Rev. Pervaiz khokhar (Founder & Chairman)
02. Pastor Francis Rehmat (Senior Pastor)
03. Eva. Mrs., Farzana Javeid (Executive Director, Women Ministry Department)
04. Eva. Javeid khokhar
05. Eva. Hinna Yousaf
06. Eva. Mavish Yousaf
07. Elder Noor Masih Qamar

4. Gifts Distributions Programme!!!!!!
The PSSWS Gifts Distributions Programme On every Christmas and Easter distribute Gifts among the poor, orphan children, Widows and poor families as some people donate us locally and we collect donations some friends from around the world twice a year at every Christmas and Easter festivals among the poor, orphan children, Widows and poor families. Distributing Christian gospel literature to people traveling, walking and students in Schools and colleges and hospitals jails etc…The Holy Bible is being freely given to all those who are eager to read but can’t afford purchasing one, Proclaiming the good news in the streets, and follow-up by the local native missionary.

5. Free Medical Dispensary!!!!!!!
We are going to start medical dispensary here in Pakistan, because the Christian people in Pakistan are unable to take basic needs such as health care, medical facility. Due to this reason Christian people, have little sources to earn income. More over due to this Pakistani Christian men & women, widows, poor orphan children are unable to get the medicine & health care facility. Most of the seasonal diseases spread in the village & town and many Pakistani Christian men & women, widow children, souls have passed. Most of women died during the delivery time due to the lack of medicine and not in time treatment and not their health facilities in urban and rural area in our district. Our medical dispensary for poor people treatment every day check (35) people. All above mentioned activities needs money to get the Pakistani Christian men & women, widows so that, it could be make possible for their treatment free of cost. I’m working with depressed,Oppressed, Tyrannized and Poverty Stricken women, Children to make them world’s citizen and kingdom of God. But women face lot of problems as they have to do work hard to fulfill their needs of families, but their wages isn’t enough and this is the reason. Then we planned and God give me direction start free mobile Medical dispensary and free maternity home for Poor, Christian Community women to provide them health facilities.

6. The PSSW Prayer House!!!!!!!
The PSSWS have changed the mind of every Christian person in our area through prayer meetings every Wednesday. We have started our regular weekly prayer meetings and by the grace of God we are increasing our Church and weekly meetings gathering day by day. Here in this catholic people are strong. For many people seeking solution to various issues of life, it can be very difficult to obtain help and proper counseling some time. Our prayer house programs provide free access to individual that has a need for prayer for various problems. If you would like to be part of one of these outreaches. It’s much hard to change their mind and also give them water baptism. Now we also need Urdu Holy Bibles to distribute in these people as they are unable to buy, because these people are living below the poverty level. We hope our God will work and give burden to His saint people and they will support our ministry monthly basis for teach the poor needy people the true

7. Help For Poor Orphan Children!!!!!
The PSSWS have aim is working as a winning, saved of the poor, orphans Children for Jesus. By the grace of God PSSWS is supporting 50 children in different age groups. These children have been orphaned due to different circumstances like being abandoned as babies and others are victims of many diseases. We are committed to working in a way which will impact the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the people we serve. All children long to feel the love of Jesus expressed to them through personal relationships with mature and caring adults. This is the blessing of lord, who gives burden to His people for helping the poor, orphans & needy Children. The main aim of The PSSWS is to promote education (Religious and secular) illiterate Children and Christian person can not read Holy Bible. The DCVP is helping the poor, orphans & needy Children and poor Christian Community of Pakistan to get education. Due to this passion PSSWS distributed free secular books in the poor, orphans that they can school education. DCVP is having very urgent needs of helping for poor, orphans on a monthly basis.

8. Help The Widows!!!!!
This is the very pain full part of our ministry. In our country Pakistan widows are suffering with hungry and have not any facilities for their Children. Every month we have visited a widow’s home in urban and rural area in our district. Really our heart fills with sadness when we will plan start given something’s and necessary materials of her Children. The PSSWS ministry have plan supporting widows on monthly bases, but it’s depend upon the funds from the foreign countries But we are trying to help them as much as we can. Every Christmas & Easter Festivals we distribute gifts twice a year among with widows in our area. If you want to show your love offering with the help of gifts, money, please do not hesitate to send us and contact with us. If you would like Support poor and neglected widows, poor families on a monthly basis. When Pakistani women are widowed–even those from the middle classes–their social and economic status is affected. Sadly, women in this situation often do not have the means or ability to find employment. They are reduced to second-class citizenship within Pakistani society. With your gift of $80/month, a widow is given food, shelter, medical care, and clothing. They are also taught that Jesus loves them. These hungry, needy and depressed widows will pray for you and our lord will give you reward from the door of heaven. All above mentioned activities needs money to get the Pakistani women, widows so that it could be make possible for their help. I’m working with depressed, Oppressed, Tyrannized and Poverty Stricken women, Children to make them citizen world and kingdom of God.

9. The Food Project!!!!!
I want to tell you about as you know that here people are very poor eve they have nothing wait up twice a day. Income sources are a few and they have to do work very heard, but their wages is not enough to fulfill their all needs of their families as they live from hand to mouth, even they are using their under age Children to have resources. So we plan started the food project for poor Christian families here in our Pakistan. We feed the ten Families, One family monthly expense ($, £, €, 80) and monthly expenses for ten families ($, £, €, 800)

10. The Miracles Healing Crusade & Seminars!!!!
We arrange & organized healing, miracles crusade and revival meetings in Pakistan and we invite all saint Pastors, evangelist minister of God from around the world to you coming in Pakistan. As it concerns to my information so many people have been (Changed) As a lot (Miracles, Healing, Crusades & Seminars) are being in through Pakistan where God do amazing things and particularly the (Gentiles) are known about Jesus Christ. I hope and believe in Christ encouraged to you and serve to you in future for His own purpose here in Pakistan for saving, hungry, unsaved, unbeliever souls for Jesus. I know you are a great servant of God. I know Holy Spirit guide and give you grant, money and opportunity, open the door for you to coming in Pakistan for visit our ministry. We shall welcome to you with great pleasure and I accept that God will do everything in my favor concerning to our community spiritual need. It is our desire you in Pakistan. Would you please consider coming to Pakistan and bless our country. We would like to have a Miracle Crusade. Thanks for your prayerful considering. Would you like to stay with us? If it’s so it will be an honor and pleasure for us to host you. Kindly keep in touch with us and bring word regarding to your visit to Pakistan. We shall welcome to you with great pleasure and I accept that God will do everything in my favor concerning to our community spiritual need.

11. The Animal Project!!!!!
I want to tell you about as you know that here people are very poor even they have nothing wait up twice a day. Income sources are a few and they have to do work very heard, but their wages is not enough to fulfill their all needs of their families as they live from hand to mouth, even they are using their under age Children to have resources. They would be developed by providing them animals to feed their children with proper essential physical needs. We have decided to take first step of developing the people through our organization. A good buffalo and Cow will cost $850 and will provide at least 4 liters of milk per day. This can either supplement nutrition for a family, or can be sold to provide income. Regular breeding will continue this provision for years to come. The woman said ‘You have saved my life. I am an old woman with no means to earn enough to live, and you have given me and my family life. Help sustain a village family by specifying “Buffalo Project” One Cow or Water Buffalo’s provide a lot of good milk to drink and to make yogurt, cheese and butter! They also produce calves that can be sold for income or used to produce even more dairy products for additional income and nourishment for needy tribal families. A dairy cow is one of the most valuable gifts Hens and a Hens coup for the start-up of a poultry farm which provides food, employment and income for an individual or family. You can give an especially gift that will never be forgotten. We want to proper ten families first, then automatically a lot of people should be developed as their given animals given birth to many animals and then they can distribute them among other families.

12. Adult Education Center!!!!!
Here we want running an Adult Education Center on faith and self-support. Under the society we are running an adult education center for spiritual education among the Christian man and Young Children. We are doing the adult education program in very pitiable circumstance on faith and self-support. This project makes a positive difference in the lives of the people as they shall prosper because they shall have more resources to again education to become good citizen of our country. This way we can also preach the Gospel easily as you know we shall not have to face difficulties to bring them word about Jesus as their savior and lord. They shall also become good witness for Christ and citizen of His kingdom.

13. Sewing Knitting Center for Poor Women & Girls!!!!!
We needs start Sewing and Knitting Training Center Program for Poor Christian Girls & Women is been want running by PSSWS organization to make the Poor Christian Girls & Women skillful to earn the livelihood for fulfilling their needs and feeding their Children. I have future planned every Year (35) Girls and women take advantage of this skill of sewing and knitting to help their husbands to meet with their needs of family. Let me bring you word that women of our area live in pitiable circumstances. They don’t have proper skills to earn something to educate and feed their children. Therefore, it is needed very much too successfully implement this project to save many families, for women and Children should be enabled to gain education to be prospered in future. They can also come to Jesus for having eternal life because they may become known to the Bible if they are educated. The Sewing and Knitting Training Center was trained with 35 Christian Girls & Women enrolled in a 1 year program. The total cost of The Sewing and Knitting Training Center including materials and salaries was $1295.88. The Sewing and Knitting Training Center Program in Pakistan for Poor Christian Girls & Women.

14. Old Citizens Monitoring Project!!!!!
The PSSWS have vision providing proper care, shelter, and food, health facilities for the Pakistani old men & women, widows and have an on plane accommodation to the old people in Pakistan and also arranged for the security. The PSSWS provider new paradigms in social protection including health, home care, and income security for old age people in future.
We are going to start old citizens monitoring project here in Pakistan, because the old people in Pakistan are unable to take basic needs such as food, health facility. Due to this aged people have little sources to earn income. More over due to this Pakistani old men & women, widows are unable to get the medicine & health facility. Most of the seasonal diseases spread in the village & towns and many Pakistani old men & women, widow children, souls have passed. Most of women died during the delivery time due to the lack of medicine and not in time treatment and not their health facility in urban and rural area in our district. All above mentioned activities needs money to get the Pakistani old men & women, widows so that it could be make possible for their treatment free of cost. I’m working with depressed, Oppressed, Tyrannized and Poverty Stricken women, Children to make them citizen world and kingdom of God.

1. At best, older people live on between a third and a half of average incomes in Pakistan.
2. Within 50 years, one person in five may be over 60. In 1950, 8 out of every 100 people were over 60. By 2050, 22 out of every 100 may be over 60.
3. The Pakistani older men & women serious cause of ill health in older people lack of food health facilities.
4. Older widows are among the poorest Christian community living situation in Pakistan.
5. Older people are the primary careers for orphaned and some children have affected by HIV/Hepatitis, ABC in urban and rural area in our district is of Pakistan.
15. The Christian Community Facing Persecution in Pakistan!!!!
The Christian Community especially Young Christian Women, Girls are Facing Persecution & Violence’s victimized of Muslims to have sex with them which is called to be rapped. In this situation many unpleasant occur like blasphemy low adultery-education, brick making kiln slavery and persecution is the normal phenomena of the society. Sometime as they do cleaning in house of rich families, they are victimized of Muslims to have sex with them which is called to be rapped. We have some cause in which they Muslim boy threw acid on Christian girls and even they register cases against these girls and put them in jail to avoid the consequences of their evil acts.

16. Our Requirements!!!!!!
We want to support our pastors and Evangelist’s and preachers on monthly regular basis as we have totally (15) in numbers. At least ($50 US Dollars) are required for each one. A Film projectors is needed to show them Jesus Film those who don’t know how to read the (Holly Bible) but now we use rented. We request to every person who works for God to come to Pakistan for ministering to our Church, though Holding Seminar and crusade, to bring many to Jesus to have eternal life. We wish to distribute (Ten Thousand 10,000 Holly Bibles) in our area free of cost among the poor needy people that cannot purchase even the (Holly Bible) More-Ever, You can read our ministry report and find whatever you can do for organization and inform us what in formation you what more about it. We want to start a free mobile Dispensary for poor Children & women in our area in Pakistan. We want to start a free distribute (The Holly Bibles, Shoes, Toys, Foods, Sunday school Material, New &Secondhand Clothes, Medicine Etc) among the poor, orphan Children and women, Christian community in Pakistan. May God bless you under the throne of His Grace always? Kindly we are requested you to have communion with us for building the Kingdom of heaven together as your collaboration will sustain our activities and reinforce our devotion for working in the vineyard of Christ with more dedication and consecration. Grace of Jesus Christ and the love of God always are with you.

Dear Brother/Sister in Christ! Please pray for me, my ministry and family that God may bless and have us more recourse to use them for His glory to save so many lost sheep. Our God is faithful and everything He will provide us to use it for His glory. Do you know you and your family always in my heart, thoughts, mind & daily prayer and I also hope that we shall be together in heaven where our lord of lords is. Please bring me word also about your family and ministry so that I may lift all of you up in my daily prayer. I’m concerned about souls and the children. I believe we must reach this generation for Jesus he is coming soon. I love you dearly keep me in your prayers I will be hearing again soon from you. Thank you very much for your prayer! We love and deeply appreciate you all!

Yours Brother in Christ!

Reverend Pervaiz Khokhar
The Preaching Society & Social Welfare Services
Mohallah Rasool Pura Street No 7
Jhumra City 37700
Telephone: +92-41-8527541
Mobilephone: +92-300-7914561

Ash May 8, 2010 at 6:58 pm

I have the book at home, its amazing.

I have always wanted to know, in particular…what happened to the Tannehills.

I searched them on Wikipedia and not much came up and Tucker said that there dead :(.

But is there anymore info about the couple at all?

amy amster June 12, 2010 at 8:05 pm

Lee and Low Books is an independent children’s book publisher specializing in diversity. They take pride in nurturing many minority authors and illustrators who are new to the world of children’s book publishing.

For more about their history and their books, visit:
Minority Book Publisher

newson June 12, 2010 at 8:13 pm

this post needs de-spamming!

Cathy October 1, 2010 at 6:02 pm

Seems to me the new owners simply have no idea of what libertarianism is, or what laissez-faire is.

If they really did, I can’t imagine this situation ever developing.

If it’s about disseminating ideas critical to the survival of freedom of all of us, seems to me that would trump state coercion of a select form of “ownership” it cannot even define for itself.

If, on the other hand, it’s about using the state to enforce a perceived monopoly, this situation “makes sense.”

As to the new owner’s claim that “threats” were never made, how to explain the request to take the free pdf down because of copyright in the first place? Without the state to uphold and coerce enforcement of a fallacious definition of ownership monopoly, what exactly is such a request?

The new owners need to be honest about who they are and what their philosophy really is and change the name of their enterprise so no one is in future fooled by “Laissez-Faire Books.”

Talk about “piracy”!

Steven Fishers February 2, 2011 at 2:34 pm

Why is everyone so sue crazy these days? I mean honestly. It’s like the 5 year old on the play ground who doesn’t get his way so he goes home to tell his mommy…only in this case his lawyers. Keep up the good fight! You have my support!

DAvid May 19, 2011 at 5:13 pm

What are the references to “threatening to use the power of the state” about? Did Peron or LFB threaten to take Mises Institute to court?

Since LFB held the rights to the book, what was the altercation all about? Why wouldn’t the folks at Mises Institute simply “agree to disagree” about whether the book should be available for free in some form and leave it at that? Why be acrimonious about it?

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