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Source link: http://archive.mises.org/10467/commerce-civilization-a-review-of-smash-crash/

Commerce & Civilization: A Review of Smash! Crash!

August 14, 2009 by

At the blog Free Advice I have posted a book review of Jon Scieszka’s short work, Smash! Crash!. The book sheds lessons on State versus market approaches to crime prevention. An excerpt:

The book follows two aimless young vehicles, Jack Truck and Dump Truck Dan (best friends, Jack and Dan), as they stalk from one awkward and irrational social scene to the next. Some readers may choose to interpret Scieszka as mirroring Kubrick in this respect; the young trucks seek out their “ultraviolence” in a way, though if one hopes that Scieszka’s subtle clues give a straightforward confirmation or denial–well, one would hope in vain.

For my part, I reject the Clockwork Orange interpretation. Though the actions of the anti-heroes in both works are utterly incomprehensible, and though the anti-heroes’ extremely anti-social behaviors are starkly present in both works, even so, there are tremendous differences.

For one trivial observation: Nobody dies in Smash! Crash!

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